Rainy Days At The Apiary

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This week, the island has seen a downpour of rain.

That being said, it seems to be raining here about 75% of the year. I had never thought twice about the rain (I actually quite enjoy it) until the first rains this autumn started to arrive. I couldn’t help but wonder how it affects our new honey bees.

Since we have had our bees, it has been almost entirely sunny and warm. Now as the weather turns, I am interested to see how this changes the habits of the bees. 

We have ran out to the hives a few times during downpours to check on them and see what they are up to.

When the rain was pouring, we saw one or two brave foragers coming in and out of the hives but for the most part it was quiet. Everyone is huddled inside, eating honey and staying warm - sounds like a perfect rainy day to me.  

I became curious; is this what the bees will do as son as it rains? Since it rains so much here, I feared that our bees would have trouble surviving while spending all their time inside huddling together, until my research led me to some facts that eased my mind.

I learned that it is not necessarily the rain that bothers the bees, but other aspects that may (or may not) accompany the rain. Colder temperatures, barometric pressure, humidity and more are all factors that affect the willingness of our honey bees to forage.

This was a relief for me since I knew that under some rainy conditions our bees are still able to go out and provide for themselves in our wet and rainy climate.  

I have attached some interesting links below on articles about bees in the rain! I also added a quick video I made as we checked on our bees during a downpour.