All About Her Majesty


For the past month we have sensed some matriarchal issues within our colonies.

During one inspection we saw tons of eggs and larvae, the next almost no sgns of her at all and then the next inspection we see her. What is going on? 

Of course, being the very beginner beekeepers that we are, we realize that it is most likely our lack of expertise that is limiting our inspections. We try to do a thorough job of checking everything out but there have been things that we aren’t sure about. And the only way to get around that is more research, you can’t know more until you learn more! 

My method of choice for this study session was videos. I started searching and found some awesome clips to help me get a grasp on how queens are made and their behaviours.

I have added them in below so we can learn together what exactly makes a queen a queen and why she does what she does.