Bee Education For Kids

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Teaching our kids about the importance of bees and pollination is so important.

These videos are a great jumpstart into showing our children how important honey bees, and other pollinators, are for our planet.

Each video has a slightly different age range so those with younger kids might skip over a few, but for the older ones, each video has something interesting to share.

Being aware of all that nature has to offer out there creates invaluable life lessons for our youth. Next time you see a bee in your neighbourhood, instead of swatting her away, use it as a great chance to teach your children about the amazing things bees do for us everyday!

I'd consider myself almost a novice in the bee-knowledge department now and I still learned a few new things in these videos!

Make sure to comment your kid's favourite videos and any other suggestions you have for future children's posts! 

You see them when it's warm outside, hanging out in flowers and working away. Bees! Check out what these buzzing insects are up to, and how you can tell the difference between a bumblebee and a honey bee.

Let's watch bees in a hive. See how they are filling cells with honey and spot the queen.

Ellen's Brielle-iant 5-year-old is back as a beekeeper, and is teaching us everything about pollination and honey.
Learn about parts of a flower and process of pollination only on Peekaboo. Do you wonder how reproduction occurs in plants? Join Dr. Binocs to learn different parts of a flower and the process of pollination while he explains the structure of flower and function of each part in detail with the process of pollination.

An awesome video from PBS: It's Okay To Be Smart. Who knew that flower farming involved so much vomit and dancing? You'll never look at a simple jar of honey the same way again!