Contest: Name Our Queens!

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Have you ever named a bee before? Now's your chance!

We are currently housing two beautiful queen bees but they are both missing something: names!

Our hives have been doing great since we introduced them. Each time we have done an inspection, the colony is prospering and the queens are hard at work laying thousands of eggs a day.  

Contrary to worker bees who live about 3 weeks, Queen bees live about 3-5 years! And since these monarchs have just begun their reign with us, we decided naming them was the right (and fun) thing to do.

There have been some creative names for our queens buzzing around, but we decided to leave it up to their fans!

The contest we are running is for one week, June 1st - June 8th, and the two names we love the most will be the new names of our majesties.

Entering is super easy! Just comment below on this blog post and add as many names as you like! The sky is the limit and witt is something we always appreciate.

We can not wait to hear all the name ideas you have! Let’s give these royal ladies some beautiful names that their hard work deserves.