Day of the Honey Bee

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Mark it on your calendars! This Tuesday, May 29th is the Day of the Honey Bee!

With all the hard work that they do, dedicating a day to cherish these little ladies is a no-brainer. 

The Day of the Honey Bee, May 29th, was started by a beekeeper in Saskatchewan in 2009 and has spread to many provinces across Canada, including British Columbia, to raise awareness of honey bees and the struggles they are facing. 

Not only is this a great day to think about honey bees and everything they do for us, but it's a day that we can do some things for them and help protect them. 

Here are some ways to appreciate the honey bees on Bee Day, including references to past blog posts for more detail:

  • Don't squash any! The poor honey bees need all the help they can get right now. Swatting at them does not help, the little ladies are just out for nectar and pollen. Learn the difference between the lovely honey bee and the nasty wasp and who deserves a squish. 
  • Support a bee cause! We rounded up some of the best bee causes to join! Our Top 5: Bee Causes You'll Want To Check Out
  • Buy some honey! But not just any honey! Make sure the honey that you are buying is local, raw honey from a local farmer.
  • Buy local produce! Local farmers and honey bees have the perfect symbiotic relationship. Read up on how supporting them can support our bees on our blog post: Fresh From The Farm.
  • Plant some flowers! Check out our blog post A Honey Bee's Favourite Flowers to get some ideas!
  • Embrace the weeds! Weeds might not be an ideal aesthetic for your garden but all flowering plants benefit the bees. Think twice before pulling out those dandelions, the bees will thank you!
  • Say no to pesticides! Avoid using unnecessary pesticides on your plants at home as well as becoming aware of the chemicals you do use and how they affect our pollinators.
  • Teach your children! Children are our future and the more we can educate about pollination the better. We have some great videos you can show your kids to get started! Bee Education For Kids
  • Visit your local apiary! Look some up online and give them a call. Many apiaries - big or small - have beekeepers who would love to have some visitors to educate and show off their bees to!
  • Look into keeping some honey bees yourself! It really isn't that hard and is such an amazing experience. if you need any advice on how to get started you can always drop us a line!

If you'd like more information on the Day of the Honey Bee, check out these links below!

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Nanaimo, BC (our hometown) Proclamation - Day of the Honey Bee, May 29th

We at The Honey Diaries hope that you have a fantastic Bee Day this Tuesday and will be looking forward to spending the day with our own lovely honey bees.