Hilarious Beekeeping Stories

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I am sure any of you seasoned beekeepers could tell us a ridiculous story or two about the adventures of beekeeping.

The more we work with our own bees, the more context we get and the funnier the stories become. I would be lying if I said that I wasn't excited for us to have our own laughable moments down the road - that's what keeps life interesting!

I have gathered some laugh-worthy tales from fellow beekeepers about when things just didn't quite go to plan. 

Some of them include split decision making, most of them involve trial and major error and all of them involve a sting here or there.

Check out the links, read the stories and feel free to comment your own funny beekeeping mishaps as well. The crazy stories help us all realize that we are all human and even the most experienced beekeeper has their share of hilarious "incidents".

Some from one of our our favourite beekeeping blogs: Honey Bee Suite

And some more stories from: Honeycomb Apiary