Our Top 5: Bee Beard Videos

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First things first - what the heck is a bee beard?

Basically, a bee beard is the act of getting a whole wack of bees to swarm and stay on your face/body. The technique seems to take a bit of finesse, but they pay off is huge! Tens of thousands of bees all over your face! And some people, all over their bodies!

The purpose of "bee bearding" is to show how docile honey bees are. As long as you are calm, the bees are calm. The last video on this list is one that has gone a bit sideways, just to show how dangerous this activity can be despite honey bees being naturally gentle. 

Though some of these people make it look easy, please do not take a hike out into the forest, capture a queen bee and strap her to your neck. Let's leave this work to the professionals and enjoy the videos from the comfort of our homes.

For an in-depth description and mechanics behind bee beards, check out this article from Honey Bee Suite

Now sit back, relax and enjoy our top five favourite bee beard videos!

Bee Bearding: the practice of covering ones face, or in some cases, ones whole body, with bees. It dates back to the early 1800s and people still practice it now - find out how they do it!
Members of the Honey Bee Research Centre show how to build and remove a bee beard.
Release the bees! We just hit 1 million Likes on Facebook, and as promised, the ever-generous Pat Cassels agreed to wear a beard of one hundred million (or less) bees. Thanks to all our awesome fans who continue to support our efforts to produce original humorous content.

We put 10,000 bees all over Link's face. GMM #701! 

On this episode of Breaking Trail, Coyote attempts to show that Honey Bees aren't just out to sting you...that is until his "Bee Beard" experiment completely backfires when he is attacked and stung in the face by a swarm of over 3000 angry Bees!