Our Top 5: Everyday Things You Can Thank Bees For

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Some of the items we use everyday would not exist without our friends the bees.

Their bi-products and pollination skills provide us with so many things we use day to day that we may take for granted. 

Even if some of these items don't contain natural bees wax anymore, they have been inspired from history when bees played a crucial role in creating them.

It's important to remind ourselves when we use these items just how much effort these little girls put in. 

Our first everyday product is candles.

Immediately after a long day at work, I come home and light a candle. Something about the amazing smells and soothing glow seems to always have a calming affect.

Even though not all candles are made with beeswax anymore, it's safe to say that bees have an important role in how they came to be. 

The second item most of us use every single day is cosmetics.

When I'm putting on my makeup, the last thing I am usually thinking about is bees (well, sometimes I am!). 

Bees wax is a key player in many lipsticks and balms, as well as other cosmetics like concealers and mascara. Finding cosmetics with natural ingredients, like bees wax, can be a bit trickier but definitely worth it. 

A very important item we would surely miss without bees is plants!

Their role in pollination and plant reproduction is vital and without them we wouldn't have so many everyday items like fruit, vegetables and beautiful flowers. Other things you may not think of as well like coffee, almonds, coconuts and chocolate.

It would be pretty hard to live your day to day life without plants in the world!

Honey without bees just wouldn't be possible.

Something I use every morning on my toast! Honey is something we can thank bees for every day. Nothing can mimic the sweet, natural taste of real honey.

We will definitely be thanking our bees when we get to taste our own fresh honey this year!

The last product we can thank the bees for is medicine.

Many medicines include things like pollen, bees wax, propolis, royal jelly and even bee venom! The properties of these natural ingredients have been used for thousands of years and have lead to many discoveries and inventions of today's medicine.

So the next time you use any of these products, make sure to think of the bees and all they do for us!